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First Generation

  • 1. Richard of Haslington Devernon.b unknown

 They had the following children:



(b abt 1504 d unknown

Second Generation

2.  Thomas Devernon b abt. 1504 d unknown.

He had the following children:


Randle Vernon

(b 1534 d 1618 in England-)



Third Generation

3.  Randall Vernon b 1534 in Middlewich,Cheshire, England. He died 1618 in England.


He had the following Children;

Hugh Vernon

b abt 1560













Fifth  Generation
















Sixth Generation

































Seventh Generation

























































Eighth Generation
















































































































































Eleventh Generation










































































Thirteenth Generation














































































































































































 Fifthteenth Generation 




























































































































































Sixteenth Generation


Hugh Vernon b abt 1560 .

He had the following children;

James vernon Vernon


John McCubbin 

b abt1602 in Ayreshire Co, Scotland. He died abt 1660 in Ayreshire Co, Scotland.

He was married to Sarah McGregor Black abt  1625 in Scotland.  b abt 1605 in Scotland d abt 1660 Scotland.

 They had the following Children;

John McCubbin b abt 1630 d 1686 in Anne Arundel Co, Md.


  James Vernon Vernon was born 13 march 1604/ 05 in Chester, Cheshire, England. He died on 4 April 1675 in Chester, Cheshire, England. He was married to Hester Brown in 1638.

  They had the following Children:

Thomas Vernon

b 1638 Cheshire,England

d 25 Oct,Chester Co ,Pa

Randall Vernon 

b 1639 Cheshire,England

d 18 June,1725 in Nether Provence, Chester Co, Pa.

Robert Vernon

Richard Vernon

b 1643 Cheshire, England

William Vernon

b 1648 Cheshire, England

Lewton Vernon

b 1650 Cheshire,England

         John McCubbin was born  

 abt. 1630 in Ayreshire Co, Scotland. He immigrated abt. 1659 to Annapolis,MD.He died on 31 July1686 in Anne Arundel co. Md. He was married to Elinor Carroll.

Elinor Carroll was born abt. 1650 in Anne Arundel Co, Md. She died abt. 1711.

  They had the following Children:


Sarah Mccubbin

b 1671 Anne Arundel, Md

d 22 april 1716 Anne Arundel, Md

William McCubbin


Zachariah McCubbin

b 1679 Anne Arundel, Md

4 Dec, 1753 Anne Arundel, Md.

Moses McCubbin


b 1681 Anne Arundel, Md.

d 1733

Bryan O`Banion was born about 1683 in Ireland. He emigrated about 1702 from Westmorland co,Va. He died before 23 Feb. 1762 in Hamilton, Fauquier Co, Va.

He was married to ?????????.

They had the following Children:

Catherine O`Banion

b 1708


John O`Banion

William O`Banion

b 1713 Stafford Co, Va.

d 1763

Samuel O`Banion


Mary Anne O`Banion


d 1762

Elizabeth O`Banion

b 1720

23 mar.1778

Thomas Barbee was married to Margaret ??????.            They had the following Children: 

Sarah Barbee

Robert Vernon was born abt. 1642 in Cheshire, England. He died about 1710. He married Elinor Minshall 20 may, 1663. Elinor Minshall b 24 sept. 1648.in Stroke, Cheshire,England. d 24 July1720 in Nether Provence, Chester Co, Pa.              They had the following Children:   

Jane Vernon

Moses Vernon

Richard Vernon

Alice Vernon

b 30 Jun 1664 in Acton, Stoke, Chershire England

Jonn Vernon

b 13 Apr. 1679in Acton, Stoke, Chershire, England

d 1731in Nether  Provence, Chester co, Pa

Jacob Vernon

Issac Vernon

Rebecca Vernon

b abt. 1684 in Nether Provence, Chester Co, Pa.

d abt 1746

Thomas Vernon

b abt. 1686

d abt 1758

William McCubbin b abt. 1675 in Anne Arundel co, Md. He was married to Nellie Griffith. b abt 1705.

They had the following Children:

Elinor McCubbin

b abt 1708 in Anne Arundel co, Md.

John McCubbin 

b abt. 1710 Anne Arundel Co. Md.

William McCubbin

Enoch Conlery had the following Children:

Elenor Conlery

William Hind was born abt.1720 in Chester Co, Pa. He died in Spotsylvania Co, Va. 1770. He was married to Margaret?????/.

 They had the following Children;

James Hind

John Hind

b 11 oct. 1752in Albemarle, Va

d 19 feb 1807 in Jefferson co, Ms

William Hind

b 18 Jun 1754 in Albemarle Co, Va.

d 10 Sept.1835 in Prince Edwards Co, Va.

Roger Hind 

b 1758 in Albemarle Co, Va.

John O`Banion was born in 1710 in Stafford Co,Va. He died Abt.1773 in Fauquier Co, Va. He was married 1730      to Sarah Barbee b 1714 in Overwarten Parrish, Stafford Co, Va. She died abt. 1806 in Salem , Fauquier Co, Va.

They had the following Children;

William O`Banion

b 1729 Prince William Co,Va

d 19 oct 1807 Fauquier Co, Va.

Capt. John O,Banion

Sarah O`Banion

b 1737 Prince William Co, Va.

d 1785

Thomas O`Banion

b 1739 in Prince William Co, Va.

d 29 Nov. 1801

James O`Banion

b 1741 Fauquier Co, Va.

d  1809 Washington Co Ky.

Andrew O`Banion

b1745 Prince William Co,Va.

d 1813 Gerrard Co, Ky

George O`Banion 

b 1747 Prince William Co, Va. 

d 1777 in Battle of Haarlem, NY

Joseph O`Banion

b 1749 Prince William Co, Va.

d 1811-1813

Bryant O`Banion

b 1750 Prince William Co, Va.

d  1784 Berkley Co, Va.

Catharine O`Banion

b 1751 Prince William Co, Va.

d bef. 1790 Fauquier Co, Va.

Samuel O`Banion

b 1751 Prince William Co, Va.

d 1822-1830 Berkley Co. Va.

Benjamin O`Banion

b 23 nov, 1759 Fauquier Co, Va.

d 1839 Kentucky

Joseph Duncan. He was married to Lydia?

They had the following Children;

Lydia Duncan

William Snodgrass. He was married to Elizabeth?

They had the following Children;

Joseph Snodgrass

William Snodgrass

b 7 mar 1714

Issac Vernon was born abt 1682 in Pennsylvania.He was married to Hannah Williams.He died bef 1757 in West Bradford, Chester Co, Pa.

Hannah Williamsb 1689 in Chester Co, Pa. She died Apr. 1729 in Chester Co, Pa.

They had the following Children;

Susannah Vernon

 8 Jun 1711 Goshen, Chester Co, Pa.

Rachel Vernon

b 20 Feb 1713 Goshen,Chester Co. Pa

d bef. Apr. 1756

Issac Vernon

b 19 Feb, 1715 in Goshen , Chester Co, Pa.

d 12 Aug. 1786 Wrightsbourgh Monthly Meeting , Ga.

Hannah Vernon

Nehemiah Vernon

b 19 Dec. 1719 in Goshen, Chester Co, Pa

Lyduia Vernon

b 11 Apr. 1721 Goshen, Chester Co, Pa.

Rebecca Vernon

1 Mar 1724 Goshen, Chester Co. Pa.

Priscilla Vernon

b 1726 Chester Co, Pa.

Ruth Vernon

b 1728 Chester Co, Pa.

William McCubbin b1725 Anne Arundel Co, Md.He was married to Elenor Conlery.

They had the following Children;

John McCubbin

Mark London. He had the following Children;

Sappho London

John Edgar was born on Jun. 1731 in Philadelphia, Pa. He had the following Children;

John Edgar

Anne Edgar

b abt. 1763 Bedford Co, Va.

William Coner Edgar

20 Oct.1766 Bedford Co, Va

d 4 Oct 1846 Crawford Co, Mo.

James Edgar

b 1770 Bedford Co, Va

Zachariah Edgar

b 1776 Bedford Co, Va.

Samuel Cummins. He was married to Susannah?

They had the folllowing Children;

Elizabeth Cummins

James Hind was born abt. 1742 in Albemarle Co, Va. He died abt. 1800 in Garrard Co, Ky. He was married to Marymiah DeJarnett abt. 1766. They had the following Children;

Samuel Hind

Susannah Hind

23 Dec. 1774 in Va. 

d June 1862

Peggy Hind

John W. Hind

Nicholas Arnold. He was married to Margaret Willis.

Margaret Willis Arnold


Capt John O`Banion Was born 1735 in Fauquier Co, Va. He served in the military before 1776 in Fauquier Co. Va. He died abt. 24 Apr.1797 in Fauquier Co, Va. He was married to Lydia Duncan before 1759 in Fauquier Co. Va.

Lydia Duncan died abt. 1811 in Fauquier Co. Va. They had the following Children;

Joseph O`Banion

Elizabeth O`Banion

b 24 mar. 1762 Fauquier Co, Va.

James O`Banion

b 9 mar. 1764 Fauquier Co, Va

d 28 Nov. 1855 Shelby Co, Ky.

Jemima O`Banion

3 Jan. 1767 Fauquier Co, Va.

d 3 Nov. 1786

Isham O`Banion

9 Apr. 1769 Fauquier Co. Va.

d 1 Mar. 1845 Jefferson Co, Ky.

Elias O`Banion

b 14 oct. 1771 Fauquier Co, Va.

d 3 Jul 1828 Shelby Co, Ky.

John O`Banion

b 19 Dec. 1773 Fauquier Co, Va.

d bef.1816

William O`Banion

b 21 Apr.1776 Fauquier Co, Va.

Hannah O`Banion

b Fauquier Co, Va.

Benjamin Bullitt. He was married to Sarah ? before 1782 in Fauquier Co, Va.

 They had the following Children;

Elizabeth Bullitt

Joseph Snodgrass was born in 1712.He died Oct 1782 in Tinker Creek , Botetourt Co ,Va. He was married to Hannah Vernon abt. 1740 in Va.

Hannah Vernon was born on 16 Aug. 1717 in Goshen, Chester Co, Pa.She died the 20 of Sept. 1786 in Botetourt Co, Va.

They had the following Children;

Joseph Snodgrass

b 26 Aug. 1741 Va.

d 15 Aug. 1809 Botetourt Co, Va.

Lydia Snodgrass

b abt. 1753

Rebecca Snodgrass

b abt 1746 Va

d 1782 Botetourt Co, Va.

Phoebe Snodgrass

b abt. 1754

Robert Snodgrass

b 1760 Augusta Co, Va.

d Nov 1806 Botetourt Co, Va.

Margaret Snodgrass

b abt. 1762

Hannah Snodgrass

Issac Snodgrass

William Walker was born on the 19 Dec. 1735. He diedon 17 Aug. 1810 in Marshalltown, Botetourt Co, Va. He was married to Mary Levinia?

Mary Levinia was born 19 Jan. 1732. She was born in England. 

They had the following Children;

Mary Levinia Bartley Walker

b 11 Jan.1758 in Va.

d 16 mar. 1812 Botetourt Co, 


 Sarah Walker

John McCubbin was born in 1750 in Pittsylvania co, Va. He died on 24 April 1809 in Wolf Creek Island, Rockingham, Co, N.C.

He was married to Sappho London abt. 1779.

Sappho London was born 1755 in Marshall Co. Tenn. She died in 1827 in Green co, Ky. They had the following Children;

Nicholas McCubbin

Lydia McCubbin 

b 1782 Rockingham Co, N.C.

Elizabeth McCubbin

b 1784 Rockingham Co, N.C.

d 1850 Handcock Co, IL

Kitty McCubbin 

b 1786 Rockingham Co, N.C.

Nancy W McCubbin

b 1788 Rockingham Co, N.C.

d 1848 Green  Co, Ky.

Zacharriah McCubbin

b 1792 Rockingham Co, N.C.

John McCubbin

b 1794 Rockingham Co, N.C.

Susannah McCubbin

b 1794 Rockingham Co, N.C.

Virginia McCubbin

b 1796  Rockingham Co, N.C.

Sarah McCubbin

b 1798 Rockingham Co, N.C.

Nellie McCubbin

b 1800 Rockingham Co, N.C.

John Bloyd Sr. was born abt. 1740. He was married to Mary Riggins.

Mary Riggins was born 1760. She died 1832 in Kentucky.

They had the following Children;

John Bloyd Jr.


 Levi Bloyd

Thomas Bloyd

Rhoda Bloyd

Martha Bloyd

Elijah Bloyd

Sarah Bloyd

Elizabeth Bloyd

John Edgar was born 14 Feb 1758 in Trenton , N.J. He died after 1830 in Hart Co, Ky. He was married to Elizabeth Cummins on 18 mar. 1780 Rowan Co, N.C.

They had the following Children;

James Edgar 

b 5 Jan 1781 Iredell Co, N.C.

d 17 Jan 1863 Galesburg, IL.

Susannah Edgar

b 5 Feb. 1783 Iredell Co, N.C.

d 8 Aug. 1855 Ray Co, Mo.

Jane Edgar

b 2 Oct. 1784 Iredell Co, N.C.


John Lenn Edgar

William Thomas Edgar

b 13 mar.1788 Iredell Co, N.C.

Josiah Jefferson Edgar

b17 Sept. 1789 Logan Co Ky.

d Mar. 1857 Green Co, Mo.

Elmer Edgar

b 30 Sept. 1791 Logan Co, Ky.

Elizabeth Edgar

b 26 mar. 1793 Logan Co, Ky.

Johnson Edgar

b 17 July 1795 Logan Co, Ky.

d 13 Dec. 1859 Hardin Co, Ky.

Samuel S. Edgar

b 1 April 1797 Logan Co, Ky.

d 30 may 1883 Knox Co, IL

Hiram Laymer Edgar

b 23 Feb 1799 Barren Co, Ky.

d 4 Dec. 1869 Hart Co, Ky.

Squire Lowry Edgar

b 23 Aug 1801 Barren Co, Ky

d 6 April 1863 Livingston Co,Mo

Samuel Hind was born abt. 1766 in Culpepper Co, Va. He died on 19 Sept, 1825 in Green Co, Ky. He was married to Margaret Willis Arnold  29 Oct. 1787 in Lincoln Co. Ky.

Margaret Willis Arnold was born abt. 1774 in Va.  She died abt. 1810 in Ky.

They had the following Children;

James Hind

b 13 Aug. 1790 Lincoln Co. Ky.

d 16 June 1852 Barren Co. Ky

William Hind

b 19 Dec. 1791 Lincoln Co. Ky.

d 21 Oct. 1885 Walton, Boone Co. Ky.

Nancy Hind

Robert Hind

b 1794 Lincoln Co, Ky

d Apr.1817 Barren Co, Ky.

John Hind

b 30 Dec. 1797 Garrard Co. Ky.

d 10 Jan. 1856 Menard Co. IL.

Martha Hind

b 24 Jun. 1799 Garrard Co. Ky.

d 5 June 1880Macon Co, Mo.

Johnson Hind

b abt 1880 Garrard co, Ky.

Thomas S. Hind

b 27 Dec. 1801 Garrard Co. Ky.

d 30 Sept. 1876 Green Co. Ky.

Lewis A. Hind

b 1803 Garrard Co. Ky.

d 1825 Green Co, Ky.

Susannah Hind

b 27 Dec. 1801 Garrard Co, Ky.

d 1840 Barren Co, Ky.

Willis Arnold Hind

b 1805 Garrard Co, Ky.

d 1840 Barren Co, Ky.



Joseph O`Banion was born 14 Dec. 1759 in Fauquier Co, Va. He died abt. 23 Feb. 1824 in Fauquier Co, Va. He was married to Elizabeth Bullitt on 2 Sept. 1782 in Fauquier Co, Va.

They had the following Children;

Parmenas Bullitt O`Banion

b abt. 1783 in Va. 

d abt 1835 Jefferson Co, Ky.

Lydia O`Banion

William O`Banion

Issac Snodgrass appeared on census 1803 in Lincoln Co, Ky.He owned land in Casey Co. Ky. in 1810. He died abt. Sept. 1818 in Casey Co, Ky. He was married to Sarah Walker 1780 in Botetourt Co, Va.

Sarah Walker was born 1764 in Bedford Co, Va. She died abt. 1800.

They had the following Children;

Joseph Snodgrass

Issac Snodgrass

Robert Snodgrass

Margaret Snodgrass

Polly Snodgrass

Hannah Snodgrass

Martha Snodgrass

Sarah Snodgrass

Nancy Snodgrass

Nicholas McCubbins was born 1780 in Rockingham Co, N.C. He died in 1855 in Bush Creek Community, Green Co, Ky. He was married to Elizabeth Bloyd in 1802 in Rockingham Co, N.C.

Elizabeth Bloyd was born 1780 in Maryland. She died in 1875 in Green Co, Ky.

They had the following Children;

James McCubbins

Nicholas B. McCubbins

b 6 Aug 1806 Green Co, Ky

 d abt 1890

Martha McCubbins

b 30 Aug 1806 Green Co Ky

d 25 Oct. 1880

John London McCubbins

b 9 may 1809 Green Co, Ky.

d 7 Jan 1878

Alvena McCubbins

b abt 1812

d 27 may 1837

Elizabeth Adeline McCubbins

b 1818 in Green co, Ky.

d 27 may 1857

Lydia McCubbins

b 10 may 1821

d 28 Sept 1906

William Warner McCubbins

b 14 nov 1823 in Green Co, Ky.

d 10 April 1909 in Green Co, Ky.

John Lenn Edgar was born 4 June 1786 in Iredell Co, N.C. He died aft. 1860 in Barren Co, Ky. He was married to Nancy Hind Aug 27, 1810.

Nancy Hind was born abt. 1793 in Lincoln Co, Ky. She died bef. 1820.

They had the following Children;

Elizabeth Willis Edgar

James Edgar

Male Edgar


William O`Banion was born abt 1789 in Fauquier Co, Va. He died bef.16 Oct. 1837 in Cumberland Co, Ky. He was married to Sarah Snodgrass on 1 April 1811 in Casey Co, Ky.

Sarah Snodgrass was born abt. 1800 in Va. She died aft. 1850.

They had the following Children;

Alfred O`Banion

b 10 May, 1812 Ky.

d 9 Feb, 1881 Greene Co. Mo.

Jane Preston O`Banion

b 1814 Ky

Mary O`Banion

b abt 1818 Washington Co, Ky.

d 14 Mar. 1855 Cumberland Co. Ky.

Matilda O`Banion

b abt 1819 in Ky.

Lerisa O`Banion

b bef. 1815

James Walker O`Banion

b abt 1822

William Matterson O`Banion

b abt 1825

John Preston O`Banion

b 2 Aug 1827 Cumberland Co. Ky.

 D 14 may 1914 Greenview,Menard Co,IL.

William Thomas O`Banion

Issac O`Banion

b abt 1834 Cumberland Co, Ky

James McCubbins was born abt 17 nov 1803 in Rockingham co, N.C. He died on 9 Jan 1889.He was married to Elizabeth Willis Edgar in 1832 in Green co, Ky.

Elizabeth Willis Edgar was born 13 Oct, 1812 in Hart Co. Ky. She died on the 13 of June1891.

They had the following Children;

Zacharia W. McCubbins 

b 1834 Green co, Ky

d 1 may 1864 in civil war.

Laura Jane McCubbins

Nancy E McCubbins

b 1838 Ky

d 1922

Milton Byrd McCubbins

b 25 mar 1839 in Green Co, Ky.

d 5 Jan 1918in Mount Tabor, Larue Co, Ky.

William Fountain McCubbins

b 11 nov, 1840 Green Co, Ky.

d 19 nov, 1895 Mount Tabor, Larue Co, Ky.

Susannah Elizabeth McCubbins

b 18 Sept, 1842 Green Co, Ky.

d 18 May 1903

Sophronia Willis McCubbins 

b 1 May 1844 in Green Co, Ky.

d 28 Dec 1922 Green Co, Ky

Melissa R McCubbins

b 1846 Green Co, Ky

Amanda B McCubbins 

b 1848 in Hart Co, Ky

d 14 Mar, 1925 Green Co, Ky.

James McCubbins

b 1851 Green Co, Ky

d 1897 in Mo.

Anna Frances Melvina Jane McCubbins

 b 1853 Green Co, Ky

d 1855 Green Co, Ky.


William Thomas O`Banion was born on the 30 Nov,1831 Ky. He died 27 March 1891 in Green Co, Ky. He was married to Laura Jane McCubbins abt. 1853.

Laura Jane McCubbins was born the 11 of Aug, 1836 in Hart Co Ky.  She died the 21 of Dec, 1904 in Ky.


They had the following Children;

Hugh O`Banion

 B     Ky

d bef. 1860

Mary Washington O`Banion

b 14 Jan 1855 Hart Co, Ky.

d 5 July 1922 Green Co, Ky.

Sarah Agnes O`Banion

b 17 July 1858

d 12 nov, 1924 Green Co, Ky.

Nancy R O`Banion

b 7 July 1860 in Ky.

d 23 Mar. 1894

James Thomas O`Banion

b 28 Oct 1861  in Ky

d 20 Feb 1954

Lucian Walter O`Banion`

b 3 Jan 1864 in Ky

d 28 June 1939 Campbellsville, Ky

Milton Cantrell O`Banion

b15 Mar. 1866 Ky

d 25 July 1931

Elizabeth Jane O`Banion

b 6 mar, 1868

Susan Lee O`Banion

b 8 Aug, 1869

Leora Velonia O`Banion

b 4 Dec, 1871

d 27 Dec, 1937

Eliza H O`Banion

b 30 may 1876 Ky

d 10 Nov, 1877


Leora Velonia O`Banion married Abner Dempsey Boston in Hart Co, Ky.

          A Dempsey Boston b 1867 D 10 Aug 1921 in Hart Co Ky   buried in  Boston Cemetery in Hart co. Ky                        Married to Leeora Velonia " Lee" Obanion                                  b 4 Dec. 1871 d 27 Dec 1937  buried in Boston cemetery in Hart co Ky. 2. 

             They had the following children  



Thomas P Boston


b 17 Oct 1889 

d 17 Sept, 1915 buried in Boston Cemetery in Hart Co Ky

Bertha May                            spouse : Drue Curry

b Mar 1891 

d 13 Mar.1983 buried in Horse Cave , Ky

Vernon Edward                    Spouse: 1Alice   2 Alice       3 Grace Bogy                                         

b 8 Mar 1893

 d Mar 1961 buried in Lone Tree Cemetery in Stuttgart Ar.

Ada                                                 Spouse: Kerr

b 1895

d               Buried in Boston cemetery in Hart co. Ky

Bessie Boston                             Spouse: Brown

b 16 aug. 1897 

d 28 may 1982  buried in Indianapolis, In

Robert Boston                             spouse:      Grace? m 1920

9 Feb, 1900

d 12 nov, 1952 in car crash in Fordyce Ar buried in center cem in Ky

Walter Jack Boston                     Spouse:  1 ?   2 Dot     son                         Jimmy daughters                   Dorothy Jean                               Patsy      


b 20 mar 1903 

 died          ?  in St. Louis Mo  .

Lola Hortense                              Spouse:                                         1Leslie caldwell                             ?

B 18 april 1905

 living now in Indianapolis, In

Edna Elizabeth                             spouse:  Charles Perrin

b 30 oct , 1907

d       2000  buried in Indianapolis, In

Ola Boston   m 6 April   ,1928                          Spouse:  Bernice Hood - buried in Boston Cemetery

b 3 jun 1910

d  10 Feb, 1986  buried in Boston cemetery in Hart co, Ky

    Roy Earl Boston married to  Mary Bell Lambert Feb 28, 1931 - d Feb 5, 1971 buried in Lone Tree Cem. at Stuttgart, Ar


b 29 nov, 1912                       


    World war 2 Europe

d 2 feb, 1971 buried in Lone Tree cem. in Stuttgart, Ar  






Children of Thomas Boston

 No Children   

Children of Bertha Boston 

Wayne 1911

Bernice 1913

James 1915                           Grady 1919                         Bulah  1924

Frances 1917                         Nora 1922                          Clinton 1938

Children of Vernon Edward Boston


 Wisner    was adopted as mother died in childbirth



Children of Ada Boston Kerr   

 Thomas                                Dempsey               

 Lizzie Kerr Romine              


Children of Bessie Boston  Brown

   Dixie Curry Harmon       




Children of Robert Boston

 Truman Coffey                     Lindberg

Juanita                                    Tommy


Children of Walter Jack        Boston

 Jimmie  {1st wife]              

 Dorothy Jean                        Patsy         


Children of Lola Boston       Caldwell

 William Howard"Bud"1924 James Donald 1927              Wayne Park 1940         

Edna Elizabeth Cummings 1925                                     Mildred Louise"Mickey"   Roberts 1929                                   

Children of  Edna Elizabeth   Boston Perrin     

Donald 1933                         Charles 111{Chic}1941       Thomas 1945

 Theresa[ Terri DeMao  /Ringley] 1936                       Carolyn {McMahon}1947



Children of Ola Boston

Katheryn  b Dec 22, 1928 spouse/ Jack Arvin                                Koretta bAug 5 , 1931 Spouse  T . Underwood ,                                 Korine b Jan 9, 1934                 Spouse, Howard Whitley           Delphine b nov 11 , 1935 Spouse  ? Hobbs                               Kodelia Aug 16, 1940 Spouse, Jackie Swears            


Kenneth  b mar 13, 1930 Spouse Betty Tharp                              Dempsey Kilmer bmay 8, 1937 Spouse Linda ?                    Charles Kenton b Feb 13, `1939  Spouse,   ?                            Robert Keith Mar 23,1944.        Spouse Wilma Cox


Children of Roy E Boston



Roy E Boston Nov 29, 1912   D Feb 2 1971 buried at Lone Tree Cemetery in Stuttgart Ar. Married to Mary Bell  Lambert  At Indianapolis, In  Feb 28, 1931.  Mary Bell was the Daughter of Wilbur Lambert and Stella  Allison Lambert . She was born in Columbus In Jan 28, 1914 She died June 20, 1995,  at Pine Bluff, Ar at Trinty Village nursing Home, buried at White Hall Memorial Gardens at White Hall Ar.                                                                                 They had the following children:


Nada Faye Boston Married Herbert E Walters at Jeffersonville, In. {Eloped} on Nov 10, 1952.  Herbert was born at Taylor Co, Ky on Mar 13, 1925. He  died on Aug 25, 2000 at Baptist Hospital at Little Rock, Ar. He is buried at White Hall Memorial Gardens At White Hall, Ar.


Born May 22, 1933 at Monroe Ky in Hart co.


Roy E Boston, Jr. 

b july 25, 1935


d jul 7, 1936    


William Dale b  married  to  Mary Alice Wilson Feb, 1955 Divorced  1976           married to Pansy Day 1976 divorced 1993         


b nov 24, 1936



Barbara June  married to William Roby May28,1955. Divorced  2nd marriage      ???   3rd marriage John Debeouf       


b may 16, 1938




Joffre L Boston  married to Danni J Guinn Dec 19, 1961 

born June 4, 1942




Terry E Boston  Married to   Linda ?                                     

 2nd Dori  ?    

 3rd Joanne?


born Aug 18, 1946



Nada Faye Boston Walters married to Herbert E Walters on Nov 10, 1951 .       They had the following Children:                              

Herbert E Walters, Jr.          Spouse-   Patricia  Jane Simmons  Aug 4, 1972

b Oct 20, 1952                         b Aug 3, 1956

living                                         living



 Charles Ernest Walters                       Spouse:                                                1st- Rebecca Elkins  2nd Edie Reeves        


b. Dec 27, 1954


Wanda Maria Walters                 Spouse- Rodger Kolb   Divorced                      

b. Nov 7, 1956


Debra Faye Walters                   Spouse- 1st Dennis Hall                   2nd  Rick Matthews                       3rd Terrence Oxandale         


June 15, 1958


Anthony Lynn Walters                     1st marriage  Lori Kirkaldy             2nd marriage Shelia Vanlandham                            


b mar. 20, 1960



William Dale Boston married Mary Alice Wilson Feb, 1955. They had the following Children.

Shayla  Lynn                    Spouse: Dick Melson 

b nov 24, 1955


Tanna Dee                       Spouse: Steve Morian      2nd: David Tipps


b Jan12, 1961


Barbara June Boston  married William Roby  May 28, 1955               They had the following Children.

Mari Dawn                    Spouse: Randall Cunningham


b Nov 3, 1956


Teresa Faye                     Spouse:                             Richard Ludlow                 Divorced


b July 9, 1959


 Nancy                            Spouse:                  Charles Mckinney           Divorced                                  

b April 9, 1961


Joffre Lynn Boston Married Danni J Guinn Dec 19,1961                          They had the following Children.


Brett Howard                  Spouse:                            Kimberly LaRue

b Aug 24, 1962


Jason Douglas                  Spouse:                             Meghan Gilmartin                 

b Oct 14, 1967


 Alexandra Lynn                           Spouse:                           Robert Beiswanger                             

b April 20, 1970



Terry Earl Boston married Linda ? They had 1 Daughter. He then married Dori ? They had 2 children  3rd marriage Joanne ?                       




Cassie                  Spouse: Scott Edward Gardner March 10, 1990 2nd Raymond Charles Hammer Feb.7,1997            


Feb 3, 1971







Herbert Earl Walters, Jr married Patricia Jane Simmons  Aug 4, 1972     They had the following Children

 Herbert Earl Walters111                     Spouse: Shannon Johnson                                                      

bJan 24, 1973


Cynthia Jane                                                       

b July 23, 1977



Charles Ernest Walters Married Rebecca Elkins  Feb, 1979 They had 1 son. 2nd marriage to Edie Reeves  He had 2 step-children          

Jason Heathe   

 Oct 31, 1981 


Eric Paul                                                

b Jan 25, 1979



Erin Paul                                                 

b Feb 16 , 1981



Wanda Maria Walters married Rodger Kolb April 4, 1975 . Divorced       They had 2 Sons.         

William Todd Kolb




 b may 11, 1977

 d Oct 8, 1999 age 22         Dyskertosis Congenita/ Aplastic Anemia

 Phillip Brian Kolb                                               

b Sept 3, 1981



Debra Faye Walters married Dennis Hall  on Nov 8,  1974      Divorced                                        2 marriage  Rick Matthews Dec. 23, 1983        Divorced                                                                    3 marriage Terrence Oxandale  june 21, 1997                                                                                   She had 1 child  1 stepson                                                                                                                       


Toni Marie Clem       




b Feb 27, 1989  in Little Rock, Ar  Baptist Hosp.


Joe Oxandale


Anthony Lynn Walters married  Lori Kirkaldy in May 1980   They had 2 Children.                                                                                               

Anthony Lynn Walters, Jr in Pine Bluff, Ar at Jefferson Hosp.         


b Dec. 13, 1980                       


Erika Desha Walters     married May 7, 1999    


Darren Funderberg

b Feb 27, 1989  in Little Rock, Ar  Baptist Hosp.



Willian Dale Boston Married to Mary Alice Wilson  Feb 1955. They had 2 Daughters   Shalya Lynn Boston married  Dick Melson in Memphis Tenn  1982.    They had 2 children.                                                                                 


Alyssa Melson .     


 Kevin Melson


b  Mar 11, 1986




Tanna Dee Boston married Steve Morian . Divorced. They had 2 sons.                                    2nd Marriage toDavid Tipps.                                                                               

Staunen  Morian 


Oct 10, 1980 Conway, Ar


Taron Morian


Feb 18, 1988 Conway, Ar



Mari Dawn Roby married Randall Cunningham Aug, 1972 . They had 2 Children.

William Thomas

 b Sept 3, 1979


 Nicole Dawn                                               

b ?


Teresa Faye Roby married Richard Ludlow Oct, 1981 Divorced        They had 2 sons.


Richard Carter 


 b may 20, 1983


David Ramsey                                     

b Aug 29, 1987


Nancy Roby married Charles Mckinney 1986. Divorced 1993 They had 1 Daughter.


Barbara Ann        b                                           


  Brett Boston married Kimberly LaRue Sept 5 , 1992                                       They had 2 Sons

Joffre Alex Boston

 b April 5, 1993



 Nick LaRue


Jason D Boston married Meghan Gilmartin  Oct 10, 1997 in Denmark June 12, 1998 in Indpls, In. They had the following children.

William Guinn Boston


 b March 25, 1998


Julia Elizabeth


June    2001


    Alexandra L. Boston married Robert Beiswanger Feb 18, 1994. They had the following Children.


John Howard Beiswanger

 b May 1, 1998



Bradley Gordon Beiswanger

 b May 1, 1998


Casandra  Boston Married  Scott Edward Gardner Mar. 10, 1990   They had 1 Daughter       


Chelsea Lynn Gardner


 bSept 3, 1990



2 nd marriage to Raymond Charles Hammer Feb 7,1997 They had 1 Daughter Christina Marie Hammer                                      





 b nov.14, 1997






Herbert Earl Walters 111 married Dec.6, 1997 to Shannon Melissa Johnson.  They had the following children.

Lauren Elizabeth Walters

 b June 28, 1999




Erika Deshay Walters married Darren Funderberg May 5,1999.                    They had the following children.

Nayda Mariah 


 b March 11, 2001




Devin Funderburg




Branden Funderburg