Nicholas was the first traceable member of the family. Legend has it that he was born at sea enroute to the colonies and that his mother died in childbirth and was buried at sea. It is not known where the family embarked from nor where they landed. His father contacted friends in Pennsylvania and left Nicholas with them. It is reported that Nicholas had an older brother who was also left in thier care, however this is not been confirmed. Nicholas's benefactor, whose name is not known, was called into the revolutionary army and sent Nicholas in his place, a common practice at that time. Nicholas served as a drummer boy in a pennsylvania unit. He was taken prisoner by the British and was able to escape when sent to the river to catch fish for a meal, and was wounded during the escape. No further service was required so he married and setteled down in the Northhampton area of Pennsylvania where he and his wife Mary Magdalena Hill (b/23 Jul. 1761 d/22 aug, 1843) raised six children.(Henry,Mary,Jacob,Polly,Christopher(Christabol),Catherine). Although he was illiterate, in his latter life he operated a general store and mill and owned a plantation in partnership with his eldest son,Henry.

He died in Pennsylvania and is buried in Terre Hill Cemetary near Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His wife, Mary Magdalena, came to Indiana with her son Henry and is buried in the Lambert Cemetary northeast of Columbus, Indiana. There is a headstone on her grave.


First Generation

1. Nicholas Lambert b 27 Dec. 1759  d 17 Feb. 1828.

      Nicholas married Oct. 1776 to:

     Mary Magdelena Lambert b 23 July 1761 d 22 Aug, 1843

     They  had the following Children:


b 5, Jan,1779

d 7 Oct, 1837


b 17 July, 1782

d 28 Oct, 1824















                      Copy of Nicholas Lambert Will .

In the name of God, I, Nicholas Lambert of Caernorron Twp, Lancaster Co, State of Pa. moreover, being sick and weak in body, but of sound mind, memory, and understanding, blessed be God for it, do make and publish this my last will and testament as follow to wit:

I give and bequeath to my dear wife, use occupancy of my dwelling house with all my land and personal property of whatever kind it may be during her life.

It is my will that on the decease of my wife, all the estate that she may be in possession of at that time of her decease shall be equally divided among as her legal representatives, to wit: Henry, Jacob, Christabol, Polly, Catherine, and Mary.

It is also my will that Elizabeth Smith who is the daughter of my daughter Catherine, shall have an equal share with the other children of my said daughter Catherine.

It is further my will that my son Henry shall pay himself or retain in his hands out of the  shares or shares of the heirs of my son Christabol the sum of one Hundred dollars which sum or near it was paid for my son Christabol by my son Henry in his lifetime.

At the decease of my wife it is my will and i do hereby order and direct that my executor, or that the survivor of them, or the heirs of the said survivor, do sell at public vendee, execude a deed or therefore, to the purchase thereof my plantation and tract of land which i now hold in partnership with my son Henry, by deed from Abraham Martin and Henry Weaver bearing date the 30 of march , 1808. the proceeds of which sale after deducting therefrom my just debts and those contracted by me, and said wife, shall be distributed agreeable to aforesaid director.

And lastly, I do hereby nominate and appoint my said wife Magdalena and son Henry the executors of my last will, in witness thereof i have hereunto set my hand and seal this Aug. 20, 1822.

              (signed by another) Nicholas Lambert

 Witnessed by Edward Dovies and John Houk

Affirmed and subscribed to by F.A. Muhlenbert, Reg. of Wills.


Second Generation

2.  Henry Lambert b Jan 5, 1779 d 7 Oct, 1837 .

Henry married:

Elizabeth Renninger b 29 Aug. 1783 d 17 Sept 1843.

They had the following Children:


b28 mar. 1802

d 20 nov. 1860


b 19 may, 1804

d 3 mar. 1891


b 21 mar.1807

d 2 July, 1863


b 9 Dec. 1809

d 21 Dec. 1905

David (Indiana) 

b 27 Dec. 1811

d 3 may 1858


b 12 Sept, 1813

d 24 may. 1900


b 9 July. 1815

d 27 Sept. 1875


b 16 Feb. 1817

d 2 mar. 1904


b 26 Oct. 1818

d 23 nov. 1850


 b23 Apr. 1820

d 24 April 1903

Levi (Indiana)

b 30 Oct. 1822

d 16 Dec. 1845

Henry Lambert the first child of Nicholas Lambert was born in Pennsylvania as well as his eleven children. He has a plantation there in partnership with his father and they also run a mill and general store.

After the death of Nicholas, he migrated to the Germantown Area of Ohio with his family and mother, Where he stayed a short time before moving to Indiana. Two of his children stayed in Ohio.He farmed a section of land Northeast of Colombus, Indiana. an area that was Bakalar air Base during World war 2. He established Lambert Cemetery in one corner of this property. A number of the early Lamberts are buried there including Henry, his wife and his mother , Mary Magdalena.


Third Generation

3.  George Lambert b 19 may. 1804  d 3 mar. 1891.

George married Barbara Myers b 2 Oct. 1805 d 9 aug. 1895.


  They had the following children:     


b 3 may 1828

d 16 nov. 1906


b 24 may 1830

d 26 mar. 1905


b 10 Feb. 1832

d 23 Jan. 1899


b 1 Dec. 1833 

d 6 June 1846


  b10 mar. 1836

d 6 nov. 1836


b 8 march 1838

d unknown


b 5 march 1840

d unknown

John Peter

b 5 June1842 

d 12 June 1842


14 may 1845

d 14 may 1845

George Lambert was the second child of Henry Lambert. He was born in Lancaster Co. Penn. He came to Bartholomew co. with his father and spent his life there. Although most of his descendents were located in and around Edinburg area north of Columbus , Ind. little or no info could be found on them. 


Fourth Generation

Henry Lambert b 3 may 1828  d 16 nov 1906. Buried in St. George Cemetery in Shelby co. In.

He married 7 Oct 1849 to

Mary Heck b 30 April 1832  d 1914

They had the following Children:


b 1852


b 1854

d march 3, 1891

Elizabeth Jane

b 22 Feb. 1857

d 25 Dec. 1857


b 8 April 1863

d  July 1910


b 30 Sept. 1865

d 25 Jan.1956


b 21 Oct. 1867

d July 1931

Henry and Mary apparently very sucessful Farmers. They are buried Resthaven cemetery in Edinburg. Mary`s brother David Heck and Wife are buried near by. A very beautiful Cemetery.


  • Fifth  Generation




















Sixth Generation


















Seventh Generation

Philo Lambert b 30 Sept. 1866  d 27 Sept. 1956.

Philo married 29 Dec. 1899 to

Sophronia Farrell b 27 Sept. 1872 d 25 Jan. 1954.

   They had the following Children:

Wilbur C

b 29 July 1891

 d 21 July 1941


b 29 July 1891

d  infant


21 Feb 1902

d 5 Oct 1959


10 Dec. 1906



Wilbur Lambert b 29 July 1891 d 21 July 1941 in Detroit Mi. buried in old Union Cemetery in Bartholomew Co. In.

     married 31 May 1913 to  Stella Allison b 1 mar. 1891  d 1934

T hey had 1 Child :                                 



Mary Belle

b 28 Jan 1914

d 20 June 1995


        14.  Mary Belle LAMBERT.  Born on Jan 28, 1914 in Bartholomew Co., IN.

On Feb 28, 1931 when Mary Belle was 17, she married Roy Boston, in Kentucky.

They had the following children:



Nada Faye

Born on May 22, 1933



Born on Jul 25, 1935.  Roy died on Jul 7, 1936


William Dale

Born on Nov 24, 1936


Barbara June

Born on May 16, 1938



Joffre Lynn

Born on Jun 4, 1942



Terry Earl

Born on Aug 18, 1946

Eighth       Generation

    Nada Faye .  Born on May 22, 1933.

On Nov 10, 1951 when Nada Faye was 18, she married Herbert Earl WALTERS.

               Faye and Herb 1996                            Butch 1963     Bill Boston, Faye, Herb , Jr.        They had the following children:          


Maria 1963                    Debbie 1963           Tony 1st Grade



Herbert Earl, Jr.

Born on Oct 20, 1952



Charles Earnest

Born on Dec 27, 1954



Wanda Maria

Born on Nov 7, 1956



Debra Faye

Born on Jun 15, 1958



Anthony Lynn

Born on Mar 20, 1960

William Dale Boston married Mary Alice Wilson April 1955:

They had the following Children:


Shayla Lynn

b Nov. 24, 1955


Tanna Dee

b Jan 12, 1961


          Barbara June Boston married William Roby in May 28, 1955.

They had the following Children:  


Mari                         Terri               Nancy

Mari Dawn


Theresa Faye




  Joffre Lynn born on Jun 4, 1942.

  On Dec 19, 1961 when Joffre Lynn was 19, he married Danni GUINN.

They had the following children:


(1962-)                                         living

Jason Douglas

(1967-)                                       living

Alexandra Lynn

(1971-)                                        living


Terry Earl Boston married Linda ? They had 1 Daughter. He then married Dori ? They had 2 children  3rd marriage Joanne ?         


Terry and Joanne     June 1995       Cassie              Chris              








Ninth   Generation

   Herbert Earl WALTERS, Jr.  Born on Oct 20, 1952 in Cedar Rapids, IA.

On Aug 4, 1972 when Herbert E. was 19, he married Patricia Jane Simmons.  Patricia Jane was born in Pine Bluff, AR on Aug 1, 1956.

They had two children:


Herbert Earl, III

Born on Jan 24, 1973 in Little Rock, AR.


Cynthia Jane

Born on July 23, 1977 in Little Rock, AR

28.  Charles Ernest WALTERS.  Born on Dec 27, 1954 in Iowa.

On Feb, 1979 at age 24 married Beckie Elkins.  ( Divorced )

They had one child:


Jason Heathe

Born on Oct 31, 1981 in Pine Bluff, AR

On Feb 14, 1992 Charles Earnest married Edie REEVES.  Edie was born on Jun 6, 1957.

Edie has two children:


Eric Paul

Born on Jan 25, 1979.


Erin Paul

Born on Feb 16, 1981.

29.  Wanda Maria WALTERS.  Born on Nov 7, 1956 in Pine Bluff, AR.

On Apr 4, 1975 married Rodger Kolb.  ( Divorced )

They had two children:


William Todd

Born May 11, 1977 in Alexandria, LA.  Passed away Oct 8, 1999 at the age of 22 of a genetic blood disease ( Dyskertosis Congenita/Aplastic Anemia ).


Phillip Brian

Born on Sep 3, 1981 in Little Rock, AR.

30.  Debra Faye WALTERS.  Born on June 15, 1958 in Campbellsville, KY.

On Nov 8, 1974 married Dennis HALL.  ( Divorced )

Second marriage to Rick MATHEWS on Dec 23, 1983.  ( Divorced )

Did not marry Ronnie CLEM.

One child with Ronnie CLEM:


Toni Marie

Born on Feb 27, 1989 in Little Rock, AR.

Third marriage to Terrence OXANDALE on Jun 21, 1997.

Terrence has one child:



31.  Anthony Lynn WALTERS.  Born on Mar 20, 1960 in Campbellsville, KY.

On May, 1980 Anthony Lynn married Lori KIRKALDY.  ( Divorced )

They had two children:


Anthony Lynn, Jr.

Born on Dec 13, 1980 in Pine Bluff, AR.


Erika Desha

Born on Nov 7, 1981 in Pine Bluff, AR.


Shalya Lynn Boston married  Dick Melson in Memphis Tenn  1982.    They had 2 children.