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Hi Family, responding to questions regarding SKYPE:

Yes, when you call Mother from your regular phone line you are paying long distance at your end.

If Mother calls you "no one" is paying long distance.

The way Skype works:

Skype is a free phone service:

It uses the internet as a phone line.

All you need on your computer is a microphone & speakers.  The camera is optional but is sure worth it.

Now the free side:

When you sign up for "SKYPE" you set up a username and password, similar to the way you use the internet.

ie:  Mom's username is "faye.walters"

My username is "dpacsupport".

All "SKYPE" users can talk to each other for free simply by using their user names.

Here's where the costs come in............when you want to use SKYPE as a phone to the entire world.

You can still use the microphone and speakers that are on your computer and communicate that way.  Or you can buy "SKYPE" phones and attach to your computer.  I bought a SKYPE phone at Wal-Mart for around $30.00.  Their are several types of phones you can get.  You can get portable phones similar to what we are all use to using; also, desk type phones, etc.....You can buy these at Wal-Mart ( some of them ) or you can order them via SKYPE.  Click here to go to Wal-Mart.com and when you get there search the "entire site" for "Skype" to view what you can order on-line or purchase at the store.

To get unlimited calling out to anyone in the US and Canada that is called "SKYPEOUT".  It costs $29.95/yr.

To get your own phone number and allow anyone to call you on the number in the US and Canada that is call "SKYPEIN".  It costs $38.00/yr.

"SKYPEIN" includes voicemail and also allows you to record any phone call for 15/min.

There are other plans where you pay by the minute but I won't even go there.  Seems ridiculous as cheap as the unlimited is.

Mom and I have "SKYPEIN" and "SKYPEOUT".  Mom doesn't have a phone and just uses her microphone and speakers on her computer.  I do the same thing.  I bought the phone but don't use it.  Later down the road when and if I decide to only use 'SKYPE" I will probably get the portable phone so I can move around.  However, I can move around the room now and it works fine.  Just can't leave the room.

Please remember we are learning as we go.  Just been on it a week ourselves but love it so far.
















Sonny Walters

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